Merrow Front Cover - A Novel by Louise Cooper

Published by Hodder Children's Books in their Bite imprint
**RELEASED 2008**


Coming soon from Hodder Children's Books is BAD SEED, the first book of a new trilogy that returns to the world of Order and Chaos—and to a character who captured the imagination of many readers. The Daughter of Storms trilogy introduced Shar Tillmer, a girl born during the eclipse of the world's two moons and gifted with an extraordinary power. Now, twenty years on, Bad Seed begins a new tale, about a new generation.

Marloe and Silve, Shar's teenage son and daughter, have left their home at the Star Peninsula, home of  the group of sorcerers known as the Circle, to further their studies. When they encounter Elesta Brynd, a fairground huckster who claims to be a Circle-trained adept, their curiosity is aroused. Elesta's power is real, and her claims seem genuine. So why has no one in the Circle ever heard of her?

The Silve's best friend, Jianna, disappears—and the search for her leads Marloe and Silve to a shocking discovery; not only about Elesta but also about themselves. For they, like their mother, have abilities which they are yet to discover. And which could lead them to triumph or disaster…

BAD SEED will be published early in 2008, and there'll be more details on the News pages as soon as I have them.

Meanwhile, if you haven't read Shar's original story, this is where it began…