This isn't an absolutely complete list of the books I've had published, but it gives a pretty good idea of my input over the years. However, an absolutely comprehensive and frequently updated listing has been compiled by long-term fan and friend David Head.
David's really is the definitive bibliography of my work-
if you'd like to know more, you can contact him at: [email protected]



The Time Master trilogy:

  • The Initiate
  • The Outcast
  • The Master

The Chaos Gate trilogy (sequel to Time Master):

  • The Deceiver
  • The Pretender
  • The Avenger

The Star Shadow trilogy (prequel to Time Master):

  • Star Ascendant
  • Eclipse
  • Moonset

The Indigo series:

  • Nemesis
  • Inferno
  • Infanta
  • Nocturne
  • Troika
  • Avatar
  • Revenant
  • Aisling


  • The Book of Paradox
  • Lord of No Time
  • Blood Summer
  • In Memory of Sarah Bailey
  • Crown of Horn
  • The Blacksmith
  • Mirage
  • The King's Demon
  • Sacrament of Night
  • Our Lady of the Snow
  • The Summer Witch
  • The Spiral Garden (short stories)



The Daughter of Storms trilogy: (Time Master spinoff):

  • Daughter of Storms
  • The Dark Caller
  • Keepers of Light

Mirror, Mirror

  • Breaking Through
  • Running Free
  • Testing Limits


  • The Sleep of Stone
  • Demon Crossing
  • Hunter's Moon
  • Merrow



Sea Horses

  • Sea Horses
  • The Talisman
  • Gathering Storm
  • The Last Secret

Sea Shadows (coming in 2008)

  • The Silver Dolphin
  • The Black Pearl
  • The Rainbow Pool
  • The Golden Circlet


  • Once I Caught A Fish Alive
  • If You Go Down To The Woods
  • See How They Run
  • Who's Been Sitting In My Chair?
  • Atishoo! Atishoo! All Fall Down!
  • Give A Dog A Bone
  • Daddy's Gone A-Hunting
  • Incy Wincy Spider
  • Here Comes A Candle
  • Creatures At Christmas (short stories)

Dark Enchantment (later reissued as the Heart Of... series):

  • Firespell (Heart of Fire)
  • The Hounds of Winter (Heart of Ice)
  • Blood Dance (Heart of Stone)
  • The Shrouded Mirror (Heart of Glass)
  • Heart of Dust


  • The Thorn Key
  • Storm Ghost
  • Short and Scary! (short stories)
  • Short and Spooky! (short stories)
  • Pebbleboy
  • Butch the Cat-Dog
  • Terror in the Tower
  • The Lost Boy (interactive CD book for schools)