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The Time Master Books.

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Mundania will also be publishing the trilogy that forms the prequel to Time Master:


  • Book 1: Star Ascendant - **OUT NOW**
  • Book 2: Eclipse
  • Book 3: Moonset
Star Ascendant

'How strong are you? That's all that matters, you see. Your strength. Your ability to look on the face of Chaos and stay sane. That's how we're all judged, here.'

Star Shadow takes readers far back in history, to a time when Chaos rules  unchecked and unopposed. Benetan Liss was snatched from his home village in one of the random culls designed to bring new blood to the castle, where the sorcerer caste known as the magi hold absolute power over the mortal world. Benetan is one of the lucky ones; young and resourceful, he has prospered in the magi's service, rising to become captain of the feared Chaos Riders. Despite the terrors and demands of his work, he is loyal to his masters and devoted to Chaos's seven formidable gods… until a new First Magus comes to power. For Lord Vordegh is far worse than a mere tyrant, and the obsession that drives him is one in which sanity has no place.
            Benetan has little personal knowledge of the First Magus. But others do—in particular Savrinor, the sly, intellectual, aristocratic and deviant castle historian who for his own convoluted reasons has added Benetan to his small list of trusted friends. Savrinor is only too well aware of the danger posed by Vordegh's rise to power; not just to the ruling hierarchy but, potentially, even to the gods. And no power ever created could sway Savrinor from his unswerving dedication to the gods.
On the first bitter night of the new reign, the mask of compliance that Benetan has  worn for so long begins to crack. And behind the mask lies a road to nightmare…