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The Time Master Books.

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Mundania will also be publishing the trilogy that forms the sequel to Time Master:


  • Book 1: The Deceiver
  • Book 2: The Pretender
  • Book 3: The Avenger

'Out of the dark of winter still comes the greening of spring…' Ria recalled the catechism she had taught to so many novices in her time. Sorrow must fade eventually and she still had much to give, not least to the tiny orphan. This unhappy time would soon be over, and life would return to normal.
But all the same, as she looked up at the bright sun, she felt something chill and fearful touch her with a cold hand…'

When Matriarch Ria Morys's niece dies in childbirth, Ria becomes guardian to Ygorla, the baby girl that no one else wants. But on her fourteenth birthday Ygorla discovers the truth about her father, whose identity her mother never revealed, and the revelation fires in her an insatiable desire for power. For what her father wants for her, what he plans for them both, is to issue a challenge to the world's rulers that they cannot withstand.

The uneasy peace of Equilibrium has balanced the forces of Chaos and Order for nearly a century. But if the ambitions of Ygorla and her father should bear fruit, the balance will be shattered and new age of terror will begin. The gods have pledged not to interfere in mortal affairs without good reason. This is clearly not merely a reason but an imperative—yet old prejudices die hard. And if the highest adepts of the Circle should be swayed by personal loyalties, the future of the mortal world could be at risk…