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The World of Time Master.

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A Guide to the World....

The world of the Time Master novels has no specified name or location. It has two moons, revolves around a crimson sun, and its known reach consists of a single continent.

Its history is a turbulent one, made all the more so by the powerful supernatural forces that take centre stage.

This is not a mundane place; the occult is an ever-present influence, magic an everyday occurrence—and the gods are very real.

No one knows the true nature of the gods that rule here. Where they came from, whether or not the world was created by their hands or minds, are mysteries that will never be answered.

What is certain is that, since the earliest days of human civilisation, the inimically opposed powers of Order and Chaos have used the world and its inhabitants as pawns in their never-ending battle for supremacy.

It is likely that the balance has changed many times; the earliest surviving records, however, go back a mere millennium or thereabouts, to a wild, unpredictable and dangerous era  when Chaos held the upper hand….