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And a few random matters...

In the magi's time, clan—or family—names were used only by the peasantry. When Order's rule began, though, they became the norm for everyone. The system might seem complex at first glance, but in reality is quite simple. If, for example, a woman with the clan name of Trin marries a man with the clan name of Haslo, they are both then known by the name of Trin Haslo. Sons then take their father's clan names, daughters take their mother's, until they too marry and combine their names with those of their husbands or wives. If nothing else, it makes keeping track of one's ancestry reasonably simple.

The only animals tolerated by the magi were those they could either eat or ride, but after their fall this changed. It did not take long for cats in particular to discover the benefits of human company, and the castle in particular was like a magnet to them. A colony soon built up, some tame, others semi-feral, all highly useful for keeping down rats and mice that would otherwise cause havoc in the extensive storage cellars. Many attached themselves to particular humans and became pets, and some have played their part in major events: Sister Erminet's grey Imp, Shar's ginger Amber and Marloe's black Shadow being cases in point. Cats are telepathic, and humans with psychic talent can communicate with them, albeit in a haphazard way. Cats also have a natural affinity with Chaos, and are held in great affection by Yandros and his brothers.

Messenger birds
Shortly before the establishment of Equilibrium, the Circle under the leadership of High Initiate Keridil Toln began to experiment with using birds as a means of carrying messages more quickly than horse-riders could do. Birds of prey were considered most likely to survive the hazards of long flights, and before long the network of airborne messengers spread throughout the world, until every province capital, major town and Sisterhood cot had its own trained falcons. When the teleportation properties of the Maze were discovered, it was thought that messenger birds would become redundant. But the Maze proved to have drawbacks, and a later High Initiate, Neryon Voss, decreed that it should be used only in emergencies; for all other purposes the birds were a preferable alternative.

Signs and emblems

During the centuries of Order's rule each of the ten provinces developed its own 'badge', such as the ship-and-anchor of Shu, the stylised sun emblem of Wishet and the blank banner of Empty province. The High Margrave's badge of office was a giant ruby, while the adepts of the Circle wore gold brooches in the form of a circle bisected by Order's symbol, a lightning flash (the High Initiate's brooch sported a double circle to emphasise his higher rank). Since Equilibrium brought about the equal worship of Order and Chaos, the adepts' emblem has changed: the lightning flash is still there, but now it bisects the seven-rayed star of Chaos.