Published by Hodder Children's Books
ISBN 0-340-85400-6

'Another winner from Louise Cooper ... who has mastered the art of communicating with children (West Briton)

'A pacy, compelling read, with a well developed sense of place' (Armadillo)

Gil hurried towards the little girl, then slowed down and stopped a few metres away. 'Hello…' she said uncertainly.
            The child didn't return the greeting. Instead she gave Gil a sidelong, almost sly look, and said, 'Your sister's sick, isn't she?'
            Gil's heart lurched. 'Yes—we don't know what's wrong with her.'
            'I do,' said the child, 'And I can help. But you have to come with me. Come now…'

When Gil and her younger sister, Biddy, first see the ancient church near a deserted beach in Norfolk, their lives become entangled with a terrifying curse. Now Biddy is suddenly and mysteriously ill, and Gil herself feels under threat from a ghostly, menacing presence. She needs help, and only her cousin Jonas seems willing to unravel the deadly mystery with her. But what will Gil and Jonas discover—and will they live to tell the tale?

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